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The Den

Monthly Giveaway Extravaganza (October)!

7th October 2021

Every month there will be a special giveaway that can be entered by buying tickets in the Shop using points. We want this to become a tradition that the whole community looks forward to with increasingly exciting prizes.

For the very first edition, we will be giving away 1 Ethereum worth of Inari tokens that will be purchased and transferred to the winner.

In order to participate in the giveaway, you need to obtain tickets purchasable through the Shop. Remember that you can earn more points by helping promote Inari!

The prize pool has increased! There will now be two winners, the first will receive the original 1 ETH worth of Inari and an NFT from the upcoming collection, the second winner will receive another NFT! Good luck!

Participating tickets:

0..1: 0x02b..14f

2..4: 0x036..DF6

5..7: 0x043..733

8: 0x14d..2fD

9: 0x17B..743

10..13: 0x1C2..8da

14..15: 0x1d2..d4c

16: 0x234..3A5

17..19: 0x248..Dc1

20: 0x24d..7b5

21: 0x252..188

22..23: 0x278..577

24..27: 0x2C6..d5f

28..34: 0x2de..509

35..39: 0x346..d3C

40..41: 0x447..74e

42..46: 0x464..933

47..55: 0x471..A6a

56..61: 0x520..51D

62: 0x559..6D3

63..71: 0x584..E24

72..77: 0x5C4..a6D

78..80: 0x671..E4E

81..85: 0x679..45c

86..87: 0x725..7FA

88..96: 0x774..c79

97..102: 0x776..A5F

103..111: 0x79b..0C1

112: 0x7c1..54B

113..116: 0x81d..e28

117..118: 0x847..11c

119..120: 0x8CC..9c2

121..129: 0x9c7..271

130..132: 0xA89..bd5

133: 0xAE6..71a

134: 0xBB2..1dB

135..140: 0xC14..5b9

141..142: 0xC41..539

143..151: 0xDF1..202

152..154: 0xDFe..c41

155: 0xDf6..7FC

156..159: 0xE2D..7B9

160: 0xE57..dd6

161..163: 0xE77..78b

164..167: 0xEDC..895

168..172: 0xEd8..327

173..180: 0xF55..7DA

181..182: 0xF95..c75

183..185: 0xa42..18a

186: 0xb4a..960

Please note that tickets begin at number "0". The winners will be chosen as follows:

1. A drawing time will be announced by the team in the official Telegram chat, the winner will be chosen based on the hash of the first Bitcoin block mined after the announced time. Block hashes can be viewed here: https://blockexplorer.one/bitcoin/mainnet

2. As soon as there is a hash (hexadecimal), it will be converted into a decimal number, which will then be divided by the number of tickets (187). The remainder (the modulo operation) will be the chosen ticket (from 0 to 186).

3. Everyone will be able to verify the correctness of the result and the winner will be announced. The process will be repeated for the second winner. The first winner will receive 1 ETH in Inari and an Outer Rim NFT, the second winner will receive an Outer Rim NFT.

Good luck!